OpenART 2016
June 14 – September 6

Örebro OpenART is an international urban biennial that takes place in Örebro, Sweden. For almost three summer months the city centre is filled with unexpected contemporary art that makes people feel happy, disturbed, provoked, or in other words, more open for surprises.

Turning the city
upside down

OpenART is a unique event that turns the city upside down with unconventional art, celebrating bold ideas and promoting unusual expressions. We welcome artists in all stages of their career and in various disciplines.

Reach outside the city limits

We offer an exciting showcasing platform, that enjoys international media exposure. The Telegraph, Huffington Post and Scandinavia’s national TV broadcasters have covered OpenART and not just once.

You, as an artist, have a great opportunity to show your work for a large audience in a city which is temporarily transformed into a huge outdoors art scene.

We are looking
for great art & ideas

A panel of art experts will invite 40 artists to exhibit at OpenART 2015. Selected artists will receive an artist fee o f €1000 / each and assistance creating and/or installing the art on site, as well as transport, travel and accommodation support.

The selection criteria is simple – we are looking for great ideas and great works which can radically transform the city centre.

Do you have one?

Application deadline is December 14, 2014.

Good luck!